K-12 Student Application

Who’s Eligible: EVERY STUDENT, our program is NOT income based.

Step 1) Fill out Student Application: This application is for students in grades K-12. For college students and non-profit organizations, please use the other applications.

Step 2) Write an Essay: One page describing why you want a computer and what educational use it will serve. Each child in a household may receive a computer.

Step 3) Submit the Application and Essay and CFK, our team will notify you when your computer is ready!

Where do you use a Computer?

Scholarship Information: If your family is receiving aid from an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO), your child will be able to receive a scholarship of up to $65 for the computer system. You MUST include verification (i.e. a copy of a "Free Lunch" letter).

Do you need up to a $65 Scholarship for your computer?
K-12 Desktop or Laptop?
Extra Items for Purchase:
Do you need shipping? (Out of Treasure Valley Area)
Upload IGO Information Here:
Upload Essay Here (DOCX or PDF)
Upload Essay Here (JPG, PNG, or JPEG)

Thanks for submitting!

To upload the essay, please choose the upload option that works best for you!