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Utah 2024 Distribution

To apply for the Utah distribution in August, click the button below.


K-12 Student Application

Who’s Eligible: EVERY STUDENT, our program is NOT income based.


Step 1) Fill out Student Application: This application is for students in grades K-12. For college students and non-profit organizations, please use the other applications.

Step 2) Write an Essay: One page describing why you want a computer and what educational use it will serve. Each child in a household may receive a computer.

Step 3) Submit the Application and Essay written by the student (and proof of IGO information if you have it), and our team will notify you when your computer is ready if the application is completed!

Where do you use a Computer?

Scholarship Information: If your family is receiving aid from an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO), your child will be able to receive a scholarship of up to $65 for the computer system. You MUST include verification (i.e. a copy of a "Free Lunch" letter).

Scholarship-available devices do not include "Extra Items for Purchase."

Due to lack of supply, "Apple all-in-ones" are no longer available.

Do you need up to a $65 Scholarship for your computer?
K-12 Computer system? (Scholarship available devices):
Extra Items for Purchase (not Scholarship available, not able to put SSD or Extra Memory in Apple systems):
Do you need shipping? (Out of Treasure Valley Area)
Upload IGO Information Here:
Upload Essay Here (DOCX or PDF)
Upload Essay Here (JPG, PNG, or JPEG)

Thanks for submitting!

To upload the essay, please choose the upload option that works best for you!

Please keep an eye out for a text or email after submission!

If you don't receive "Thanks for submitting" email by the next day. Please notify us at:

Computer Pick-Ups are Monday's & Thursdays from 9AM to 3PM

Thank you

Students Grades K-12 Application: Sales Lead
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